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CCTE Mundy High-Content Imaging Neurite Outgrowth Data Update

posted on 2023-02-24, 14:59 authored by Amy Carpenter, Timothy Shafer, Kelly Carstens


This data contains the results of curve-fitting a subset of high-content imaging neurite outgrowth assay data generated by the Mundy Lab at the EPA Center for Computational Toxicology. Data was curve-fit with tcplLite using tcpl version 2.1.0. Data from the CCTE_Mundy_HCI_iCellGluta_NOG assay corresponds to a correction of the CCTE_Mundy_HCI_CDI_NOG assay data in invitroDBv3.5 for 8 test samples. These corrections will be reflected in a future release of invitroDB. Data from the CCTE_Mundy_HCI_iCellGABA_NOG assay corresponds to 27 test samples that are not present in invitroDBv3.5. This data will be included in a future release of invitroDB.

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