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The Chemical and Products Database (CPDat) MySQL Data File

posted on 2021-01-04, 15:40 authored by Antony WilliamsAntony Williams

The data included in this version of the Chemicals and Products Database (CPDat) updates the information included in the 2017 release (which was described in Dionisio et al., 2018: CPDat includes information on how chemicals are used curated from public documents, including consumer product composition data, functional use data, and general use data (from presence of chemicals on publicly available lists). A key feature of CPDat is the curation of reported chemical to harmonized identifiers, and consumer products to categories optimized for use in exposure assessment. Since 2018, the CPDat team has worked to implement a new data curation and management system, called Factotum, that will increase the volume and reliability of data related to chemical use. This download is the first version of CPDat curated within Factotum, provided as flat CSV files. CPDat data curated within Factotum will also be regularly released via the CompTox Chemicals Dashboard ( This data release contains: 1) Additional machine-readable data (e.g., document metadata) not available via the Dashboard, and 2) Data associated with new curation activities since the most recent Dashboard release. In particular, this release reflects curation of new data sources (including new sources related to chemical functional use and occupational use of chemicals) and additional curation of chemicals and products.