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Evaluation of 1066 ToxCast chemicals in a Human Stell Cell Assay for Developmental Toxicity

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posted on 2017-07-24, 15:17 authored by Thomas Knudsen, Ann Richard, Parth Kothiya, Richard Judson, Keith Houck, Kevin Crofton, Russell Thomas, Steve Little, ES Hunter, Nancy Baker, CKM Leung, JA Palmer, AM Smith, MR Colwell, PR West, RE Burrier, LA Egnash, 0000-0002-9678-8175, 0000-0003-2116-2300, 0000-0002-2348-9633, 0000-0002-0055-2249, 0000-0003-1749-9971, 0000-0002-2340-0301, 0000-0003-1376-9188
Presented at the Annual Society of Toxicology meeting