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Data and Scripts Associated with the Multimedia Monitoring Database (MMDB)

posted on 2021-11-20, 03:52 authored by Kristin Isaacs, Jonathan Taylor Wall

This entry links to supplemental raw data and scripts associated with the Multimedia Monitoring Database. 

They accompany the publication “A Harmonized Chemical Monitoring Database for Support of Exposure Assessments”, by Isaacs K.K., Wall J.T., Williams A.R., Hobbie K.A., Sobus J.R., Ulrich E., Lyons D., Dionisio K.L., Williams A.J., Grulke C., Foster C.A., McCoy J., and Bevington C. 

The harmonized MMDB database itself is available at:

The supplemental material includes:

MMDB Processing Scripts: Scripts associated with obtaining data, processing and cleaning data, and building the database.

MMDB (2021-07-22): Raw data files for uploading to the database.

MMDB Correction Scripts: SQL scripts to correct identified minor curation mistakes in MMDB releases.

Sample Queries: R script containing example queries of MMDB using the R "RMySQL" and "dplyr" packages.

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